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What is Neembuu Now?

"Any means many, many means all."

  1. Stream any video : supports all files that work with VLC and other mediaplayers
  2. From any site : streaming websites( youtube, vimeo, dailymotion) file hosters (mediafire etc)
  3. Any Screen : For PC and TV, compatible with chromecast.
  4. Cache streaming videos to your harddisk while watching them.
  5. Gives you freedom from buffering problems
  6. The most advanced video app development platform in making
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Features Overview
Mixture of youtube style video streamer + downloader
Get best of both the worlds

  • Watch videos, from any source.
    Current version supports youtube,direct links and split links.
    The next release includes support for vimeo, dailymotion, and browser integration.
  • Watch & download simultaneously
  • Neembuu downloads data only once! Whatever we see is cached on harddisk. When we watch the video again the content is not downloaded, the local caches are used.
  • Get full download speed like any download accelerator, no compromise
  • Includes a copy of VLC media player so that users may enjoy their favorite videos in the best media player ever created. You can also use any other video player of your choice.
  • You can increase the volume of the streaming video upto 200% on VLC media player.
Advanced solutions to buffering problems
  • Buffers are not deleted no matter what. You can even
    reboot your pc, and you will still find the buffered data to be present
  • When you forward the video the streaming/download point also shifts, previous buffer is not deleted!
  • When two buffers meet they are magically joined.
    When all buffers join and you have the full file which you may save.
  • You may save a copy of the file once it has been buffered 100 % (before using this do ensure that you have rights to keep a copy of the file)
  • Advanced concurrent multi-streaming : Buffering can happen from more than one location.
    Which means you can watch the same video from two different locations.
    This advanced feature is useful when you are watching complex non-video file formats using Neembuu.
Future proof
  • Support all audio/video formats/codecs/containers ever created and ever to be created. For example : avi, mp4, mkv, rmvb, rv40, h246, h265
  • Supports all media players ever created and ever to be created For example : VLC, quicktime, wmp, mpc, real, gom
  • Supports thousands of other streaming agents out of the box, like Google chrome cast and PS3MediaServer,
  • Supports video-post-processing tools like avisynth

Neembuu Now is future proof, it is compatible with applications even before they are created. Know more ....
Features for youtube and similar websites
  • Select download/watch quality, supports mobile(3gp), 240p, 360p & 720p (480p and 1080p might give problems)
  • Change quality anytime
  • Advertisements are currently not supported
  • Buffers of each quality are saved separately, and are never deleted
  • You can save the video in more than one quality
  • It is possible to view the buffer/download progress of each quality separarely
Features for hjsplit files 001, 002, 003
  • Split files such as somevideo.avi.001 , somevideo.avi.002 , somevideo.avi.003 are joined automatically and opened in VLC
  • The joining process is instant and VLC is opened instantly
  • The merged virtual files may be watched just like single link files
  • It is possible to save each split file, and it is also possible to save the entire merge file
  • Buffering progress of each split may be individually viewed
  • The buffering progress of the overall merge is also shown
The most revolutionary video app platform in making
Please check out the Neembuu labs page to find out more.
Other features
  • Even though the file physically doesn't exit on the harddisk, any application can access it
  • Only the parts which are required by the application to open and view the file are selectively streamed.
  • The download speed is shown in a beautiful graph.
  • The speed graph is created for each connection/buffer
  • Automatic update notification : whenever a new version is released user sees a notification
  • Download minimum mode : People with a fixed download quota can select download minimum mode in which the download speed is limited to not more than twice the watching speed.
  • Each buffer/connection may be individually selected and killed to customize buffering approach (feature for very advanced users)
Release date : 27th April 2014
Stable release. All dependencies such as
  • Pismo File Mount
  • VLC Media Player
are included in the setup itself.

Click to download for windows.
Release date : 13th April 2014

The linux version has been successfully tested on kubuntu.
You may require gcc as some kernel libraries are compiled during installation.

Click here to download for linux.
Mac ( Jar, Platform independent version)
Release date : 13th May 2014
This version can be run on any operating system provided you have java installed.
Manual installation of Pismo file mount is required.

Click here to download platform independent jar version.
How it works

Neembuu uses a 3rd party userspace filesystem library called PismoFileMount.
The developers of PismoFileMount have worked in close collaboration
right from the beginning and have been kind enough to add some features
which Neembuu needs to work better.

PismoFileMount was originally made for windows only and then ported to Linux and mac.
The only thing stopping neeembuu from being ported to android and iphone is the problem of
getting PismoFileMount or a virtual filesystem of somekind running on these platforms.

PismoFileMount has been ported in java and the port is called JPfm. NeembuuNow uses
JPfm to do all filesystem wizardry.

NeembuuNow creates a read-only virtual filesystem.
This filesystem can be mounted as a drive (Z: for example) or as a folder (NeembuuVirtual Folder).
It then adds http links as virtual files in this virtual folder.
The application which opens the virtual file sends a read request to operating system,
the operating system forwards the request to Neembuu and then Neembuu downloads the
required data and then supplies the data back.
Only the region requested by the application is downloaded.

Contact Us
The phpbb forum is under contruction.
In the meanwhile you can reach us by email.
Please see our emails ids in the credits section.
Shashank Tulsyan :
Project Admin
Davide Pastore :
Download plugin maker
Special thanks to
Joe Lowe :
Virtual File System technology provider, creator of Pismo File Mount.
We are extremely thankful to Joe for this support during the entire project.
Excelsior Jet
Java to native compiler.
We are extremely grateful to them for granting us a free copy of their amazing software.
Thanks to
Ameya Paseband
Marketing head and non technical member.
Ameya takes care of important non-technical work like marketing and finance so that the team can concentrate better on the project.
VideoLAN team
Creators of VLC media player.
VLC is used the preferred video player in Neembuu.
Apache http client
We use multiple http clients, one of them being apache http client.
Visual VM
The download speed graphs are made using an internal Visual VM charts library.
Special thanks to Jiri Sedlacek for providing some insights to the API.
Mohit Verma
Neembuu website developer
License agreement

Neembuu Now - Offline Streaming.

Copyright by Shashank Tulsyan ( ) and Davide Pastore(Email: )
This program has been developed by various authors, each one holding copyright to his work.
Majority of the application is a protected under GNU GLP v3.

Please click here to read the license agreement.